International comics festival

From 25th January to 28th January 2024, the möbius network celebrates the International Comics Festival 50th anniversary. During this festival, tickets cost 0,50€ the one trip ticket. Bus tickets are sold in the bus, point of sale and with mastgamobile application on your smartphone. You can also buy it on line with

Enjoy the festival moving by bus !

To reinforce bus lines, free shuttle buses will operate frequently from the train station.

Free shuttles buses :


Thursday 25th & Friday 26th January : From 09:45 to 19:45 every 6 at 8 minutes about.

Saturday 27th January   : From 09:45 to 20:30 every 6 at 8 minutes about.

Sunday 28th January  : From 09:45 to 18:30 every 6 at 8 minutes about.

Have a good festival !


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